Japanese Yarns

Whether warming, cooling, or voluminous and light, Japanese yarns fascinate with their enormous diversity of functions, with a quality that is seldom found on the European market. Many are increasingly being produced sustainably, including from biomass (ricin oil) or chemical recycling. 

With ITOCHU you have a traditional partner of the innovative Japanese yarn industry. Benefit from our flexible supply for your development and production processes, for example for fashion, medicine, home textiles or automotive.

Yarns for:

Home Textiles


Technical Textiles

Yarns for Home Textiles

The latest functionality, many sustainably produced - from ITOCHU you get high-quality Japanese yarns for home textiles, from curtain material to bathroom mats to mattress covers.

Polyester monofilaments for fine organza

Paper yarns for unique effects

Polyester flame-retardant for contract textiles

Chemical and material-recycled polyesters for sustainable products, including mattress material

High-loft antibacterial acrylic yarns for modern bathroom mats

Yarns for Clothing

Whether for transparent fine hosiery, fashionable compression hosiery or functional material, with ITOCHU you get exclusive Japanese / Asian yarns for your individual clothing requirements.

Polyamide (nylon) yarns with innovative cross-sections for effects like unique sheens or skin-like transparency.

Elastic monofilaments that give the highest comfort and are easy to put on. They can be either melting, more strongly compressive or organic-based.

The latest bi-component yarns – elastic, dyeable and transparent.

Polyester yarns, FIR-absorbent, heat insulating, cationic dyeable.

Sea-island split yarns for non-skid applications.

Microfibre acrylic yards for light yet warm clothing.

Spinning yarns of cotton, bamboo, modal or viscose.

Spinning yarns of exclusive merino wool.

PVA yarns, soluble filaments for marking, separating or sampling cloth.

Yarns for Technical Applications

Special quality for special challenges: ITOCHU provides you with special Japanese / Asian yarns for technical use, such as upholstery, filtration, reinforcing fabrics and backlits.

Antistatic yarns for cleanroom textiles.

Electrically conductive yarns for Smart Textiles.

Polyester flame-retardant yarns for workwear.

Polyesters, chemically or material recycled for sustainable interior fabrics in automobiles.

Sea-island split polyester for suede applications.

Low-melt polyesters, 100% or core-sheath for reinforcing fabrics.

High-strength polyamides for technical applications, heat- and chemical-resistant PPS filaments for filters and protective textiles, high-strength polyester (Liquid Crystal Polyester, LCP) - light and very strong fabrics for aviation and other uses.

Polyamide monofilaments for teabags, filter fabrics etc.

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